Panama Canal prepares for normal operations

The Panama Canal water levels have increased and have ignited exceptions of a potential return to regular operations for container shipping. It has been almost a year since restrictions were imposed due to severe drought. Even though the situation is improving, the experts still warn that the canal is still not ready to return to pre-restriction levels.

As per the reports, the Panama Canal Authority has increased the count of daily ships from 24 to 31 which will offer immediate relief to many of the shippers. This new change will take effect from June 1 onwards with additional transit slots for larger ships which will increase the daily total to 32.

As the Panama Canal gradually returns to normal operations, businesses should prepare for a slow recovery that depends on unpredictable factors, such as rainfall. Although there is optimism for a “normal” return, the actual situation may be different. It is increasingly evident that the effects of the drought in the Panama Canal may be long-lasting, possibly extending over years rather than months.