Norway to construct World’s first ammonia bunkering terminal

  • April 12, 2024
  • News

The Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection has granted approval for the construction of the proposed ammonia bunkering facility at the Fjord Base in Floro, Norway. This facility is part of the joint efforts of Yara Clean Ammonia and Azane to promote low-emission ammonia as a widespread fuel for maritime shipping.

In 2022, Yara International and Azane agreed to establish a network of green ammonia fuel bunkering facilities in Scandinavia. Under a multi-year contract with Azane, Yara has committed to procuring 15 ammonia bunker terminals to serve the Scandinavian market. Azane will oversee the design and construction of these units, which will be either barge-based or land-based.

The demand for low-emission solutions appears to be increasing in Norway, as evidenced by Enova’s plans to issue ammonia grant tenders 2024 for both ammonia-powered vessels and infrastructure. Several new building projects and ongoing tender processes for ammonia-powered Platform Supply Vessels (PSVs) are also in progress.

The proposed terminal comprises a stationary floating barge with a capacity of 1,000 cubic meters or 650 tons of low-emission ammonia. The permit allows for up to 416 operations annually, with many of these expected to involve bunkering operations for offshore supply vessels frequenting the Fjord base in Floro.

Yara Clean Ammonia, Azane, and Fjord will collaborate with their project partners to secure a permit from the local municipality before making a final investment decision.

Magnus Ankarstrand, President of Yara Clean Ammonia, remarked that the ammonia terminal will facilitate the decarbonization of the maritime sector and highlight ammonia’s potential as a zero-emission shipping fuel.”

Steinar Kostol, VP of Projects and Products at Azane, added, “We now have clear safety guidelines for ammonia bunkering operations. The prescribed safety zones are reassuring and demonstrate the feasibility of ammonia bunkering in major ports worldwide.”