National Logistics Policy Launched to ease transportation costs in India

  • September 8, 2022
  • News

The Union Cabinet has approved the National Logistics Policy (NLP), which strives to cut transportation costs through the seamless movement of goods across the country. The NLP was unveiled by the honorable Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi on 17 September 2022. At the launch, the PM stated that from 13 to 14%, India should aim to bring the logistics cost to a single digit.

The policy is in tandem with the GatiShakti national master plan that was launched earlier to build state-of-the-art infrastructure to draw more investments into the country and fill the gaps in the logistics sector. The NLP will also focus on warehousing and digitization. 

It is said that a ULIP (Unified Logistics Interface Platform) is being developed as part of the policy to help Govt. and other private agencies, shippers, logistics service providers, etc. to exchange and interact information with each other on a real-time basis in a confidential manner. This ULIP is part of the eight interventions proposed in the action plan of NLP.  Other proposed interventions are: 

  • Physical assets and benchmarking service quality standards
  • Logistics human resources development and capacity building
  • State engagement
  • Export-import logistics
  • Sectoral plan for efficient logistics
  • Service improvement framework
  • Facilitation of development of logistics park