Mumbai to Russia in 18 days as Indian shipping lines optimize the Suez Canal routes

Small Indian shipping companies are offering shortened delivery times for cargo through the Suez Canal, with shipments from Mumbai to Novorossiysk taking about 18 days instead of 25 days. Asia Import Group, a transport and logistics company based in Medellin, Colombia, is considering transporting goods through this route after reviewing offers from several organisations.

The reduced delivery times are primarily attributed to the decrease in the number of stops by small vessels at ports along the route, improving the efficiency of the Mumbai to Novorossiysk route. Asia Import Group previously reported that delivering goods from India to Novorossiysk via the Red Sea is faster than along the coast of Africa, which takes 25 days, while the route around the Cape of Good Hope takes an average of 35 days.

Despite the ongoing tense situation in the Red Sea, many vessels continue to transit through it due to the faster shipping of goods. Asia Import Group also highlighted that some foreign shipping companies are adding $200-300 to $1000 to the cost of delivering one container due to increased risks in the Red Sea, including attacks by Houthi rebels and the re-emergence of Somali pirates.

Asia Import Group plays a crucial role in international trade by assisting in finding reliable suppliers of goods abroad and developing optimal delivery routes for cargo. The company ensures efficient cargo transportation by sea, road, rail, and air from China, India, Turkey, Korea, Kazakhstan, the UAE, Thailand, and Vietnam.