Malaysia and Singapore companies come together to build a green offshore supply vessel

  • July 23, 2022
  • News

Three Malaysian shipbuilding and ship repair companies have come together in collaboration with a Singapore-based ship designer to build an environment-friendly offshore supply vessel (OSV) in Malaysia.

An MOU was signed between Grade One Marine Shipyard (GOMS), Muhibbah Marine Engineering (MME) and Shin Yang Shipyard (SYS) and Singapore’s Evolution Concepts (EC) for building the first green OSV. The OSV will be made locally and delivered to the global market.

As per the MOU, the Singapore Company (EC) is engaged to design the vessel, integrating the green technology while the Malaysian companies will provide the shipyard facilities and complete the vessel construction.

As the vessel is a green tech product, it will feature the Blue G battery system, to minimize the usage of the generator sets and with tech advances, there are plans to come up with a more sustainable solution for the main generator. The design is such that the battery system can be charged by the generator sets on board as well as any sustainable solutions from the shore. This will help the vessel to save on fuel and reduce its carbon footprint, vessel OPEX and life cycle cost.

The project is planned to commence in 2023 with the support of The Association of Marine Industries of Malaysia (AMIM). The project cost is estimated at around $25m and is expected to take around 24 months to complete from design to the building phase.