India to set a realistic aim: Proposes 5% zero carbon marine fuel mix by 2030

  • July 14, 2023
  • News

India has discussed with IMO (International Maritime Organization) to focus and work on a realistic target to ensure that net zero carbon fuels occupy 5% of the Marine fuel mix by 2030 and there are no additional checkpoints during the exploration and take-off period. India falls under the risky category in the vulnerability of climate change index and hence submitted an MEPC document proposing a step forward for the carbon emissions strategy ensuring a smooth transition, which is achievable and takes everyone along for a sustainable future.

India further took a positive stand on the proposal for a financial levy on Greenhouse gas emissions. India stated that the motive behind such measures is to encourage industries to move to green energy. The primary objective is the green transition, and the generated funds should not only be limited to R&D but should also be utilized for the marine sector to find alternative fuels and development of infrastructure for its supply networks.

The delegates from India informed IMO that the economic proposals on MEPC 80 are directly or indirectly advocating GHG pricing and trading. India further added that all the proposals should be tabled that require intense deliberations to come up with a meaningful and inclusive proposal before the adoption of any future date.

India has promised to completely support any good initiative from IMO for the control of emissions from the Maritime sector.