India plans to become a green ship fueling hub

  • September 22, 2023
  • News

India wants to be a central point as a green refuelling hub in the coming decade and looking at many such opportunities to go sustainable. During the Green Hydrogen Conference, Mr RK Singh, the union minister for power and new and renewable energy stated that within 10 years, shipping will go green and hence India is channelizing to become a refuelling destination for all green ships to provide green hydrogen or green ammonia at a lower cost.

There are talks to create specific bunker barges in the local shipyards for the new fuels emerging and to carry out pilot trials for green shipping developments.

India is also giving a fitting competition as a green ship fueling destination to fellow countries like Singapore and China to its east and Fujairah to the west. However, India is not interested in buying green fuels but is aiming to develop its own.