IMEEC work Initiates with 3.5 Lakh crore railways plan to link eight ports on West Coast

  • November 23, 2023
  • News

IMEC is planning to move goods from ports in India to Fujairah in the UAE by ship, and then to Haifa in Israel by train. From Haifa, the shipment moved to Europe. Already, the project is approved and joined by forces from the UK, Italy, France and the US. Due to this project, the ports in Greece and North Africa may also see some traffic. From the US perspective, the IMEC project is crucial and it will do wonders for the Middle East. This whole project will make the Middle East more stable, and connected to its neighbours while providing employment, predictable markets and more income. The project will benefit all. The main element of the plan is that movement will be seamless as standardized equipment will be used in all ports and railway yards in all countries, which means if a container is sealed in India, it can move directly without opening in any country till it reaches its destination.

While a lot of doubts have been raised about the project following the tension in West Asia, the govt. has maintained that there will be no impact. India has infused investments to improve connectivity to the eight ports so that all the ports can be reached in 36 hours from any part of India to ship goods to West Asia and Europe using the IMEC.

IMEC is India’s vision and initiative for good connectivity and long-term significance. There will be glitches as it involves many countries and will be a long-term interest for all.