Green hydrogen corridor to takeoff between Algeciras and Rotterdam

  • October 23, 2022
  • News

Cespa and the Rotterdam Port are working together to begin the first green hydrogen corridor between southern and northern Europe for a green hydrogen supply chain between the two ports: Rotterdam and Algeciras. It is an ambitious project of Rotterdam port to supply 4. 6 m tonnes of green hydrogen to northwest Europe by 2030.

It also plans to export hydrogen produced at its San Roque Energy Park via hydrogen carriers to the Port of Rotterdam by 2027 when the trade land is expected to be operational. The CEO of Cespa, Maarten Wetselar said that it is an opportune time to build the first green hydrogen corridor in Algeciras that will play a significant role in the energy transition in Europe. As Algeciras is the leading energy port in Spain and given its ideal location and infrastructure, it can become the world leader in producing and exploring green hydrogen.

On the same lines, the CEO of Port of Rotterdam, Allard Catelein also pointed out that Northwest Europe’s energy consumption is more than it can produce in a sustainable way which is the reason for developing multiple trade lanes for green hydrogen, in partnership with exporting countries and private businesses across the world.

Rotterdam has loads of other noteworthy sustainable initiatives contracts, including a green corridor agreement with Singapore.