Forwarders caution of delays as Israel air cargo disruption continues

  • November 23, 2023
  • News

The ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel continues to have an impact on air freight and express shipments to Israel and connecting regions with many carriers and forwarders getting cancellation and delay advice. Not only that, many airlines have cancelled direct flights to and from Israel as international airlines want to avoid the region’s airspace.

UK forwarder Kintetsu World Express also stated that it will not be expecting any cargo to and from Israel after European, Asia and US carriers suspended flights to and from Israel though the Tel Aviv and Ramon airports remained open. According to an update, the EL AL and Cal Airlines are providing services as an alternative option for any cargo needs. UPS, an international logistics company stated on its website that pickup services are suspended in the southern areas of the country while deliveries and pickups have started in Tel Aviv and northern areas of the country.

Etihad Airways stated in an update that it is operating daily flights from and to Tel Aviv but the situation is under watch as safety is the major priority and if the situation does not improve they might not operate flights as it will be unsafe to do so. Turkish Airlines flights from Istanbul to Tel Aviv also appeared to be operating normally as of now.