EPS concludes the groundbreaking installation of the carbon capture solution

  • March 6, 2023
  • News

EPS (Eastern Pacific Shipping) has installed Value Maritime’s carbon capture solution (Filtree system) on one of its vessels – Pacific Cobalt in Rotterdam. The installation took 17 days. This new system behaves like a scrubber filter with 99% of Sulphur and particulate matter and also adds a carbon capture and storage (CCS) module to capture 40% of CO2 emission from main and supporting engines.

This collected CO2 is stored in a tank onboard which has a capacity of over 200 tonnes in a single voyage. Using this system allows an immediate pathway to reduce emissions.

EPS CEO Cyril Ducau stated that the year 2023 is a milestone year for the shipping industry and to hit IMO 2050 with net zero targets, the revolution should start now to make a difference. There needs to have solutions across various vessel types. He also emphasized that the CCS system is a concrete solution and can be integrated into the existing vessels and the results are massive as it leads to immediate carbon emission reduction. With this, there is no need to wait for the development of alternative green fuel infrastructure. However, there is some criticism like what happens to the CO2 that has been captured and how it can be used. He further added that the chemical arrested will be pumped out in port and delivered to the end-users like greenhouses and synthetic fuel producers who will be able to utilize it on demand.

On similar lines, Maarten Lodewiik, Value Maritime Co-Founder & director added that 2023 is the year of change with the introduction of sustainable shipping. With EPS on board, the transition has already started for greener vessels. He further added that Ardmore tankers, Purus Marine and Nordic Hamburg have ordered Filtree Systems to be integrated into their container vessels.