Customs clearance time for imports drops by 11% at air cargo complex

  • June 28, 2023
  • News

As per the CBIC study, the average time taken has dropped by 11% at air cargo complexes and 9% across sea ports for customs clearance of imports.

The average release time has been enhanced recently gaining a 20% reduction in release time for ICDs (Inland Container Depots), for ACC (Air Cargo Complexes) 11% and for seaports 9% reduction in 2022. The actual time taken for clearance for import takes around 85 hours for seaports, 71 hrs for ICDs, 44 hrs for ACCs and about 31 hours for ICPs (Integrated Check posts) respectively.

The time release study measure is the total time taken from the shipment’s arrival at the customs clearance station to the out-of-charge for domestic clearance in case of imports and the arrival of the cargo to the last leg of the carrier’s departure in case of exports.

The whole study is based on the sample period between January 1 and 7, 2023 against the same period in 2021 and 2022 and is based on approx. 80% of bills of entry and 70% of shipping bills are filed in the country.

CBIC stated that the enhanced release time is a joint effort of all the stakeholders from customs officers, port authorities, and customs brokers, to supporting government agencies who helped in implementing various trade measures and are further encouraging the continued collaboration to expedite cargo clearance and enhance trade efficiency.