CMB and Volvo collaborate for dual-fuel hydrogen engines

  • September 28, 2022
  • News

CMB Tech, the clean technology division of Compagnie Maritime Belge has collaborated with Volvo’s Engine Maker Volvo Penta to develop dual-fuel hydrogen-powered solutions for land and sea applications. This new engine is aimed at a low-carbon interim solution before the arrival of zero-emissions alternatives.

All the pilot projects’ design and testing will take place at CMB Tech’s technology and development center in Brentwood, UK. According to the developers, the new dual-fuel engine’s main objective is to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, and where hydrogen isn’t available, the engine can easily run on regular fuels, without hindering productivity.

Mr. Roy Campe, the CTO of CMB Tech said that the dual fuel technology can be easily utilized for many applications. Green hydrogen is important, but sometimes a fallback situation to traditional fuel is important for business continuity. With dual fuel technology, it is future-ready, even without full coverage of a reliable hydrogen infrastructure. The first hydrogen-fueled terminal truck is expected to be ready and in operation by 2023.