Chinese traders witness smooth port operations optimized COVID response

  • December 30, 2022
  • News

Even though the Coronavirus is taking a toll on China, there has been some good news from the customs as the officials are working round the clock to reopen border ports and ensure smooth customs to ensure the movement of shipments as quickly as possible. With the streamlined process, it takes only a few hours to go through the customs formalities for the goods movement to Central Asian countries.

Also, the relaxation of the covid norms helped pick up domestic cargo periodically. In the Khorgos port, the import and export freight volume and trade values saw consecutive growth for the first 10 months of the year. As per the customs records, the import and exports reached 33.72 million tons up 3.6% and the value hit 244.42 billion yuan up 5.6% year on year.

The GAC (General Administration of Customs) communicated that the improved efficiency of customs officials would help boost shipment exports, help companies secure orders, and expand markets. The GAC further said that it will aid the development of new business forms like cross-border e-commerce and overseas warehouses to create new growth drivers for foreign trade.

Lu Yinghuaj, the director of the Hunan Shipping Agent Association said that exports are smooth and efficient now as many customs declaration modes are set up and the goods do not have to wait for a longer time at the customs to move ahead. The report clearly states that the import and export of cross-border e-commerce reached 1.92 trillion yuan in 2021, up 18.6 % year-on-year and accounting for 4.9% of China’s total foreign trade.