Carisbrooke Shipping to initiate a trial of hydrogen engine onboard

  • March 6, 2023
  • News

Carisbrooke Shipping has joined hands with Carnot to build a zero-emission 50kW hydrogen auxiliary engine demonstrator. The plan is to design the demonstrator, and after a few simulations and testing, the engine will be added to a containerized system and mounted on one of Carrisbrook’s vessel’s deck. The vessel will be on a 40-day sea trial in early 2025 to partially supply electrical power to the vessel.

The Carnot founder Archie Watts-Farmer stated that for the last two years, Carisbrooke has been assisting and encouraging the efforts to develop a double efficiency fuel agnostic engine technology that is capable of having emissions through traditional fuels as well as minimizing marine emissions to zero using the alternative fuels like hydrogen with maximum range.