Bangladesh is making e-seal and lock mandatory for moving goods from India

  • April 17, 2023
  • News

Bangladesh is making it mandatory for India to use an electronic seal and lock for transit and transhipment when goods are moved from India to ensure full-proof security. India has completed four shipments as per the SOP – Standard Operating Procedure, under the agreement signed in 2018 for the use of the Chattogram and Mongla Ports. After the trial runs, Customs officials in Bangladesh are making it a permanent order. As per the “Electronic Seal and Lock Service Rule-2018”, the government is capable of charging a fee for transit goods shipment and the rules might be amended, to incorporate the provision for e-tracker as per the demand of the business.

At present, the rule is optional for all businesses but might be made mandatory for transit goods movement.
India-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Matlub Ahmad stated the use of the electronic seal and lock would be welcomed by everyone if the government could introduce a subsidized rate for the service. He further added that the cost of availing electronic lock and seal services is expensive, hence was kept shelved for years and it should be made affordable to facilitate business.

On Bangladesh’s part, the agreement would support logistics, insurance, transport and the financial sector to earn revenue however, the traders would have to use only Bangladeshi trucks for the transhipment of goods.

Last year, the opposition from businesses forced the government to revoke at least three opening programmes for launching the electronic lock and seal system at Chittagong Port. The businesses opine that the e-tracking system is not to be made mandatory for the exporters, importers and other stakeholders of the port.