Air India is expanding its capacity to transport additional international cargo

  • October 9, 2023
  • News

Air India spread its wings in the cargo sector for a bigger market share of international cargo. Recently, the airline has arranged six wide bodies of Boeing 777 aircraft that include temperature-controlled transport solutions and bonded truck service (freight that has been checked and sealed by customs for import and export).

In India, foreign carriers are dominating the air cargo business with over 87% share and rank fifth behind the popular international airways. With Air India, the Tata-owned national carrier is going for a drastic makeover as it tries its hand to become more agile, and responsive to the requirements of the industry.

As Delhi is the biggest cargo hub for Air India with flights to Canada, the US, Europe and Australia, it recently introduced feeder services to ship bonded cargo from different parts of the country to Delhi via road, train and air to increase the cargo load from Delhi outbound flights. At present, the bonded truck services operations are on nine routes but will gradually increase to 200 routes. Air India in a statement said that they do not have any exclusive partnership with any service provider, but they would be interested in working with reputed and quality bonded trucking operators.