Abu Dhabi’s newly launched Customs updates clearance procedures providing ease to the users

  • December 30, 2022
  • News

A new version of the goods clearance service has been launched by Abu Dhabi Customs that will help provide an effortless customer experience. This new program will enhance the user experience by minimizing the time and effort involved to complete the customs procedure while clearing the goods arriving in Abu Dhabi.

The newly launched program has reduced the whole process steps from 13 to 2 steps (as some of the data is auto-filled) and is available on the TAMM platform. This new service is also available to individuals as well as companies and has also extended to accept electronic identity certification from outside UAE, enhancing the service and expanding internationally.

The customs at Abu Dhabi has updated the good service clearance to improve customer experience on par with international standards and all individuals, businesses, and companies can get benefitted from it and get their consignments comprising of goods that are traded in for commercial purposes, personal entry, clearance import and temporary entry of goods or commodities that are to be exported and re-exported, as well as goods that are in transit via emirate and between free zones in the country, other emirates or neighboring countries.