20Cube Logistics Bangladesh Becomes a Proud Member of BGCCI

  • November 22, 2023
  • News

We are happy to share the good news that 20Cube Bangladesh has become a member of the Bangladesh German Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BGCCI), marking a pivotal step towards global collaboration and growth.

This strategic partnership provides 20Cube Logistics with a dynamic platform to connect with global business leaders, ensuring valuable insights into industry trends, regulatory updates, and evolving customer demands that are crucial for making informed decisions and staying competitive in the logistics sector.

The BGCCI membership translates into global connectivity through access to the chamber’s international network, creating opportunities to connect with German businesses, opening doors for global expansion and collaborations.
The partnership also streamlines trade facilitation initiatives, ensuring smoother logistics operations. Moreover, BGCCI serves as a knowledge exchange hub, offering insights into industry best practices that keep 20Cube Logistics at the forefront of evolving markets & innovations. The enhanced credibility that comes with membership in a reputable chamber enhances trust among customers and attracts potential business partners.

20Cube Logistics looks forward to leveraging BGCCI membership for growth, innovation, and continued success in the logistics industry.

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