Adapting retail logistics for an evolving industry

Australian retail is undergoing significant change and with that comes unique pressures and needs for the supply chain.

20Cube was recently invited to present at the LFRA quarterly forum in Melbourne, which gave CEO Mahesh Niruttan an opportunity to discuss the transformation of retail supply chains between Australia and emerging markets.

As Australian retailers increasingly source products and goods from emerging markets, there is also an accompanying need to manage supply chain costs, enhance visibility across the supply chain and manage exceptions in real-time. Members were keen to understand the 20Cube approach to adding value throughout the supply chain by focusing on delivering transformational logistics solutions that are relevant to an evolving retail industry.

For one client, the 20Cube approach has given them a wide angle lens on the supply chain that has enhanced their supply chain.

“20Cube’s IT infrastructure has given us complete visibility of our own information and real-time exception management as well as confidence within our business to continue to source goods from emerging markets,“ said the General Manager, Supply Chain.