20Cube & University of Queensland align for work experience

  • January 15, 2015
  • News

20Cube has teamed up with the University of Queensland (UQ) to offer a number of initiatives to the students within the School of Business, Economics & Law as part of the Student Work Experience Program (SWEP).Students in their final semester will be offered the opportunity to work with 20Cube to experience first-hand what it’s like to work in the world of logistics. The program includes a number of opportunities in addition to the usual office-based work experience, such as:

  • Mentoring programs
  • Interview training
  • Days in the Industry
  • Industry expos
  • Port visits
  • Vessel visits

20Cube successfully ran its own Intern Program for a number of years, benefitting a number of students with real-world experience. It’s enabled us to align closely with UQ’s SWEP initiative.

Our interns have plenty to say about the experience after 2 months of training.


“After two months at 20Cube, I can honestly say that I could never have imagined the level of knowledge that I would acquire over the course of my internship. The in-house learning combined with real-world experience (with Port tours) has given me such a fantastic step into the field of logistics that I definitely would not have been given whilst studying at university otherwise. Alberto is a credit to your team at 20Cube, and I am thankful for the invaluable opportunities he has given myself, and the other interns.”


“Through interacting with the different head of departments and visiting several core ports in Brisbane such as Pinkenba and the Fisherman Island, my learning curve increased exponentially from where I first started. Alberto is also a great mentor who provided great guidance and enthusiasm in sharing his secret industrial skills. With this internship, I realised I have just adopted a whole new ‘language’ and cultural experience with 20 Cube which could potentially elevate my career aspiration”


“The logistics industry is going through a time of rapid and unprecedented transformation. The future of logistics is paved with innovation and technology. At 20 Cube, I got the opportunity to see the activities at The Port of Brisbane and Pinkenbah combined with theoretical training and the experience was truly amazing. Many thanks to Alberto and the entire team of 20 cube for motivating me and creating a passion for supply chain and logistics.”