Inside 20Cube: Our DNA Centre

  • December 16, 2015
  • News

20Cube’s Digital Nerve Action Centre – fondly known as The DNA, is the centralised knowledge processing and business processing operations centre for the 20Cube group. Based in Chennai, India, the DNA centre operates on a 24/7 schedule, running three shifts to meet the demand of the 20Cube network across time zones and geographies.

The DNA handles operational and financial functions for all 20Cube offices and has more than 70 staff processing over 25,000 transactions per month.

Within the 20Cube group, its objective is to provide advantages for our operations model by focusing on quality, enhance turnaround time, 24/7 capability, time zone differences and process-driven activity. In recent times the DNA has started to assist the 3PL and warehousing divisions of the group as well.

The advantage of having such an operation is that it gives the branches more time to spend with the clients, thus enhancing the experience of 20Cube customer experience.