20Cube ties up with NASAA to spread happiness organically!

  • September 29, 2014
  • News

”Logistics deal to deliver supply chain integrity to Australian organic producers NASAA signs logistics agreement with 20Cube for organic products”

Australia’s premier organic certifier, the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia (NASAA), is partnering with global logistics company 20Cube to provide total transparency for the organic supply chain.

In an Australian first, 20Cube has been certified to handle and transport organic products domestically and internationally.

The deal, signed today at 20Cube’s office in Brisbane, is NASAA’s next step in boosting domestic and export opportunities for Australian organic produce, particularly in China.

Also present were representatives from Chinese organic certifier Beijing WuYue HuaXia Management and Technique Center (CHC) and the Chinese Chamber of International Commerce.

NASAA General Manager, Ben Copeman, said “with the 20Cube deal NASAA now had the whole supply chain covered to offer organic producers complete product integrity from the paddock to the retailer’s shelf. NASAA Certified Operators can now have all their certifications including NASAA, NOP, JAS, Chinese and Korean completed in one annual inspection by one inspector at the one time representing significant savings in time, logistics and expenses. We can offer the distribution and outlets in China via our partnerships with CHC and the Chinese Chamber of International Commerce, and can now deliver real supply chain visibility with 20Cube.This deal will also help to enhance Australia’s reputation for clean and green food production with China’s rising middle class, who are demanding more Western-style, luxury food.”

John McNally, 20Cube Director, Consulting and Supply Chain Solutions, said “We are certified with AQIS and last year carried out 30 biosecurity inspections in 14 countries, so the transition to organic certification was seamless due to our existing skill sets and awareness of the importance of supply chain integrity. Company employees had completed the same certification course as NASAA inspectors and were ready to take on this challenging task.

We understand the investment organic producers make to maintain their organic certification. They expect the supply chain will maintain the integrity of their products and demand the highest standards from their logistics and distribution partners. We see a huge opportunity with China; farmers have the product and the demand from the Chinese is only growing. The challenge is to connect the farmer and the consumer and provide transparency and accountability in the supply chain so that certified organic produce can command a premium.”

About 20Cube:

20Cube is a global 21st century technology enabled logistics company with deep expertise and capability in the most dynamic and challenging part of the world; its emerging markets.

We deploy nimble and personalised technology that provides 24/7 e-visibility thus empowering you to stay in complete control of your cargo and most importantly reduce your total logistics expenses by addressing both visible and invisible costs.

We are headquartered in Singapore and work with some of the largest Companies in China, Australia, Asia, Brazil, USA, and Africa.

20Cube Australia employs 52 staff and has offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Globally, the company employs 450 staff across 20 offices in the US, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Brazil with agents in more than 100 countries.

About NASAA:

The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia (NASAA) was formed in 1986 and supports the education of industry and consumers on organic, biodynamic and sustainable agricultural practices.

NASAA was Australia’s first organic certifier.

Today, its certification arm, NASAA Certified Organic (NCO), provides certification and inspection services to assist Certified Organic operators access every organic market in the World.

NCO certifies more than 1,000 operators in 13 countries, certifying some 5.5m ha of agricultural land worldwide.

Please Visit: http://www.foodmag.com.au/news/new-nasaa-deal-offers-total-transparency-for-organ