20Cube joins Green Freight Asia as ‘Effective Member’

  • November 13, 2014
  • News

‘Green Freight Asia (GFA) is incorporated in Singapore as “Green Freight Asia Network Ltd” by Singapore Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (“ACRA”) as a nonprofit organization.”

Green Freight Asia emerged from a consortium of 26 companies that decided to incorporate as a not for profit in Singapore. Green Freight Asia is a member driven organization, mainly of manufacturers and logistics companies.

Joining GFAN, itself shows 20Cube’s responsibility & commitment towards green drives in the Logistics field. With the help of other members/ partners in GFAN 20Cube can further explore some of the best practices and ideas on Greener Logistics, which definitely help to achieve impactful changes which are long term and memorable.

Mission & Ambition:

Enhance collaboration among shippers, carriers and logistics service providers to share best practice and jointly scale up Green Freight efforts.

Ensure the active participation of the private sector in the development of green freight policies and programs in Asia that are consistent with each other and with other global Green Freight programs.

Develop streamlined and consistent methods for fuel and CO2 measurement and reporting.

For more information please visit http://greenfreightasia.org