Track your shipment from anywhere

Custom-built features for your requirements

MyHub is a smart digital collaborative that brings all the stakeholders to the same platform. It allow the customers to access their consignment details and take control of it. The customers can also view and track the cargo movement from purchase order to the final point of delivery. MyHub portal offers real-time updates via WebAPI, email or EDI notifications even when you are not logged in helping get all necessary notifications on each occurring milestone.

This portal allows complete transparency and end-to-end visibility of the consignment. We have digitised the supply chain process to assist our customers to choose their freight forwarding options to meet their business needs. ‘MyHub’ solution offers the customer the option to choose the services to save cost and time on the cargo movement and take well-informed decisions for their business to flourish.

  • Complete tracking of cargo movement
  • Real-time alerts at milestones
  • Document generation
  • Saves cost and time
  • Control of the activity with the customer