Reduce Logistics Overheads - Manage By Exceptions

The traditional logistics practice prescribes monitoring for every single shipment. It's about managing shipment by shipment. Manage By Exceptions, is from the new school of Logistics which says manage the shipments which are exceptions to your business rules, only. The rest anyways follows the normal course and doesn't need any monitoring and management.

The logistics overheads to manage the supply chain by Exceptions are significantly lower to that of the shipment by shipment management.

In this paradigm, you are choosing and configuring business rules which you want the supply chain to adhere. The entire supply chain starting from the purchase orders to the Proof of Delivery (POD) follows the business rules you set. Any such time the business rules are violated or about to get violated, Exceptions are created seeking your inputs to manage them.

Ad-Hoc Business Rule Compliance

The Business Rules for Exception Management ranges from Orders, Bookings and Shipments to Containers.

At the Order level, you can monitor and manage exceptions like Late Order, Early order, SKU wise Order Quantity ~ Quantity variations, etc. The system allows you to manage Booking exceptions pertaining to late/early bookings, Mode & Origin/Destination variances, excess and part bookings, etc

Exceptions like Late Receipt, Custom Delays, Damaged/Wet cargo, Part or Excess receipts can be managed at the Shipment level. At the Container level you can manage exceptions like Light Loads, LCL Authorizations and Hold for Consol exceptions to name a few.

Reduce Exceptions

20Cube's Purchase Order Management System (POMS) ensures swift execution of freight & it’s operations at origin stations, in a high-volume environment, through its process driven approach.

The process approach of POMS ensures, every single PO is executed on-time for shipment, unless affected by external uncertainties. This process driven approach ensures reduction of exceptions in supply chain, over a period of time.

Additionally, you can issue standard instructions to 20Cube on how to deal with exceptions of certain types and categories. When such exceptions occurred, the standard resource is executed and is notified to you.

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