Smart track provides you with relevant
information at the right time

Keep track of your products with Vendor Management system

Vendor Performance Scorecard

20Cube's Vendor Management System manages large vendor base with its process oriented approach. The Vendor Management system acts as an interactive platform between 20Cube Origin office and your suppliers. This offers the capabilities of responding to 20Cube's PO follow-ups, receiving planned vessel schedules, performing bookings online, specifying shipped quantities at SKU level, uploading commercial documents, cargo handovers, dealing with exceptions, etc. to name a few. Each step specified above and others, have got a due date/time and the actual date/time to compare with. Further exceptions which are caused by the vendors are also accounted for. Through performance data - the system builds Vendor Performance scorecard and makes it available for you.

Carrier Performance Scorecard

In the similar lines to the vendors, performance data is collected vis-à-vis the come handled by the carriers, and the system analyzes them to build Carrier Performance scorecards. This helps you to understand the performance of the carrier across various trade lanes.

Get Information Relevant - at Right Time

MyHub’s Smart Track coupled with its reporting capabilities offers business role wise (buyer, supplier, vendor etc) exclusive visibility. This is done to provide the visibility of the relevant information specific to the role. MyHub is connected to that operational system 20Cube staff work on. Hence as soon as the operational system gets the data - they are timely published on MyHub without any human intervention.