Why is campaign called Value Vantage?

Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to deliver superior value to customers. Whether it's through offering better quality, lower prices, or greater convenience, we consistently aim to outshine competitors in meeting customer needs and expectations. This gives our customers a vantage position in driving their businesses.

How are we able to save 27% costs through our inventory management and distribution?
  • Strategically selecting warehouse locations based on past data and forecasts
  • Optimizing safety stock and maintaining appropriate SKU quantities
  • Using MyHub+ ERP for efficient inventory tracking and replenishment
  • Conducting regular inventory audits to address discrepancies
  • Automating customer ERP processes with MyHub+, reducing manhours
  • Planning efficient routes and schedules for last-mile delivery.
How can we achieve 98.2% order fulfilment?
  •    Pre-onboarding SOP sign-off and adherence
  •    100% systematic billing
  •    100% Scan in/out operations with Serial no. capturing features as well
  •    FIFO movement of orders
  •    Customer Satisfaction and Feedback Surveys- Quarterly
What do you understand by Right Place Right Time Every time?

We always strive to deliver the best result and accuracy in delivering spare parts within the right geography and at the right time for the dealership.

What is Volumetric accuracy and benefits?

Customers often end up shelling out extra bucks due to sloppy handling of volumetric weight in their orders, leading to a direct hit on their wallets but through an optical measuring machine we can be sure of volumetric accuracy which will lead to cost savings and be complaint for our customers.

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