Why do you need a Customs Broker?

  • April 26, 2018
  • Blog

The customs is an inescapable part of importing or exporting freight. One of the priorities for any shipper or logistics company or importer or exporter is to get the cargo cleared by the customs as soon as possible. To that aim, it is essential to hire a customs broker.

One of the worst things that might happen to a shipment is getting stuck at the customs house. A customs broker or an agent can help in minimizing the risks of this happening. They offer several benefits which are why importers and exporters across several countries hire a customs broker for their shipments.

Hiring a Customs Broker can help in the following:

Clearing international shipments from the customs house involves an incredible deal of paperwork. Importers or exporters must provide the necessary information about the origin and destination of the shipments, the suppliers, the details of the cargo and so on.
Customs broker can collate all documents, process and ready them for clearance. Customs broker knows exactly what needs to be done for quick clearance. They ensure that all the documents are in order and fulfill the laws and regulations of the customs.

Customs broker can evaluate the cargo and make sure of their compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. This way, they can ensure the clearance of the cargo.

Customs broker can register your cargo with the customs. They will make sure that all details are entered correctly and forward the paperwork to the relevant authorities. If required, they can also generate an electronic entry for the shipments.

Customs broker will keep in touch with the customs house. They will keep following up to get the cargo examined and the documentation verified as quickly as possible. They will remain on top of the affair to speed it up.

Extra Services-
Customs brokers are capable of providing extra services if required by importer or exporter.

A customs broker can decrease the likelihood of delays and other customs clearance issues, which can affect your business and customer service. They ensure all documentation is accurate and thereby eliminating the possibility of fines. Finally, they ensure that the cargo complies with all the regulations and laws of the port. They help in avoiding penalties and redundant taxes.

To get all of these benefits in a streamlined manner, it is best if you outsource all your brokerage requirements. Outsourcing also allows you to get the best possible services. In some cases, you might even get a good 3PL company like 20Cube that has its own customs brokerage license.