Update: Australian Trusted Trader Programme

  • April 19, 2016
  • Blog

T​he Australian T​rusted Trader​ Programme (ATTP)​ seeks to provide trade facilitation benefits to importers and exporters that demonstrate strong security practices and a history of​ ​compliance.
As previously advised, the ​ATTP is currently undergoing its pilot phase,and​ ​consists of three phases. Stage 1 had four initial Australian exporters participate and stage 2 targeted a further 20 Australian importers and exporters to also participate.​ ​Stage 3 commenced this year​ ​where more importers and exporters with complex supply chains​ ​were​ ​selected.

Service providers, including 20Cube,​ ​will also progress in participation, supporting a target to have between 40 and 50 companies participating in the pilot.​ ​It​ ​is ​​​​​​expected to be fully operational and open to all international supply chain participants from 1 July 2016 onwards.
Some benefits identified for importers and exporters who become​ ​part of the ATT​P will include​:​

  • Reduced disruptions to supply chain processes (fewer interceptions at Customs barrier, and priority service)​ ​
  • ​Reducing International Supply Chain costs and
  • Decreasing stock transit time-frames​ ​Mutual Recognition Arrangements with Australia’s key trading partners​ ​Priority consideration of trade advice rulings and applications

The DIBP​ (Customs)​ added that as the pilot develops, more Account Managers will be added to the programme as a single point of contact and to maintain the relationship between DIBP and ATT​P​​ participants​.

We’ve also learned that the ​Self Assessed Questionnaire (​SAQ​)​ stage takes longer to complete, due to the amount of information required, complexity/diversity of business models and competing priorities, which has resulted in the whole pilot process taking longer than anticipated.
For more information, visit the DIBP website.