Tips on Developing a Logistics Strategy

  • March 8, 2018
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Logistics is an incredibly intricate field but its importance in modern business cannot be denied. Logistics management can play a major role in determining the success of business operations. It is directly relevant to the bottom line of a company. With the increase of freight volume and the evolution of complex transportation solutions, logistics must be managed effectively and efficiently. While you can hire the top 3PL companies such as 20Cube to oversee the logistics of your business, it helps if you know what goes into the formulation of a logistics strategy.

Logistics Strategy: An Introduction

A logistics strategy defines the service levels which are the most cost-effective for the logistics of the company. Supply chains are rarely fixed. They change constantly. As a result, this calls for the creations of several logistics strategies to accommodate the needs of specific products, regions or even customers.

Logistics is greatly affected by the changes in the supply chain. As a result, the logistics strategy must be flexible enough to adapt to these changes. The strategy should be formalized so as to ensure compatibility with the supply chain in spite of changes. The logistics strategy should enable the company to recognize the changes in the supply chain so as to bring about adjustments in their operations to ensure that the service levels are maintained.

What Is Involved In a Logistics Strategy?

It is essential to assess all the components of logistics operations to determine if they can be improved upon. The following are the components that are involved in a typical logistics strategy.

Logistics Systems
: Technology is one of the key factors for a successful global logistics strategy. Check if the current systems in use provide you with the data that you need to operate the logistics.

The Data
: While this is a part of logistics systems, it is sufficiently important to merit its own focus. You must ensure that you are getting the latest information about the logistics operation in real time with a high degree of accuracy. Incorrect data leads to incorrect decisions.

: Find out how good your transportation is and whether it helps to improve the service levels.

: Here, you shall be looking at the outsourcing providers being currently used in your logistics operations. You may also check if it will be more beneficial to partner up with a 3PL company.

Successful implementation of a logistics strategy is essential if you want your company to provide a high level of service irrespective of the supply chain changes that are certain to happen.

It may become necessary for you to reexamine and update your logistics strategy after a period of time. The strategy should reflect the changes in your supply chain and your priorities. For example, you may find that your target market has shifted or that the trucking cargo provider has stopped serving your area.

Often, the complexities of a logistics strategy drive companies to choose 3PL providers. This can be a good idea as companies like 20Cube can oversee your entire supply chain and logistics management to ensure that you keep delivering a higher service level.