Technologies That Can Improve Supply Chain Functioning

  • August 8, 2017
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The e-commerce environment has been changing rapidly and the supply chain will have to embrace new technologies in order to meet the fluctuating requirements.

Given below are some important technological advancements, some that are already in use while some are still in the planning stages. Regardless of other factors, these are expected to cause improvements in the functioning of the supply chain.

Cloud Based Technologies

For the past few decades, big companies have had the undeniable advantage over smaller ones. Larger companies have the infrastructure as well as the monetary resources to introduce a number of effective solutions to their supply chain management. They were the first ones to start using newly introduced technologies, thus staying one step ahead of the others.

However, could-based technologies are rapidly bringing down supply chain cost. This has allowed small companies to have an equal footing and compete with big players in the market. Therefore, could-based technologies have allowed companies of varying sizes to operate efficiently and improve supply chain functioning.

Computerized Tracking and Shipping

Shipping and tracking done by computerized technology is highly efficient and accurate and has brought several benefits to supply chain operations. The shippers can now get constant updates about the location of their shipment and easily track where exactly their goods are in transit. Cameras, GPS, and sensors can now be attached to the shipment, thus giving the shipper a full view of the condition of their goods at any given point. This can bring down certain risks in the supply chain and make the entire process much smoother.

Mobile Technologies

Technology doesn’t only refer to new and improved tracking software but also to new mobile technologies that are making the supply chain move much faster and in a more secure way. From loading goods onto the trucks to unloading and stocking them in warehouses, self-driven robots are the next step in logistics management.
Companies have also started showing interest in self-driven trucks and ships which will transport goods without any need for human drivers. This will make transportation safer, faster, and open a number of new possibilities for the supply chain. Voice recognition and control, data transmission through wireless technology, and other robotic procedures are set to bring new dynamics into supply chain operations.

Big Data 

The growing importance of data collection and analysis to improve logistics operations is not to be ignored. The importance of big data is one that anyone whose work is related to supply chain and logistics must know about. This will soon facilitate precise forecasting of demand patterns, measure performance and accurately analyze cost and efficiency of the operations at work.

This will change the way the supply chain works today, making the entire process much more organized and efficient. With proper analysis of big data, shippers will be able to identify patterns, predict fluctuations and thus eliminate risks and reduce logistics management PDF costs.
Above are some technologies worth mentioning that can alter the field of supply chain management in the near future.

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The logistics companies in India have to brace for the changes that technological advancements will bring in order to use them for their own advantage.