Tariff Concession Orders

  • March 7, 2016
  • Blog
The Australian Border Force (Customs) acknowledge that the interpretation of Duty Free Tariff Concession Orders (TCO) is an area of concern for importers and brokers.
20Cube advise our clients that care needs to be taken when claiming TCOs. In particular:
Does the NEW / UPDATED model still fit the TCO?
Particular goods may been eligible to claim a TCO previously, but changes in the properties or characteristics of the goods, even small variations, may affect their eligibility.
Applying TCOs which are Sets, Kits and Assemblies
TCOs do not apply to sets, kits, assemblies or systems unless they are specifically referred to in the wording, together with a list of all the items making up the set, kit, assembly or system
Does the wording fit your product exactly?
How does the wording of TCOs, particularly those containing a number of ‘and’ stipulations or specific punctuation, fit your product?
Will my product comply to parameters where units are stipulated in the wording of the TCO?
If doubt exists as to the applicability of a TCO to any goods, 20Cube advise clients that a Tariff Advice be sought, or a NEW TCO on the specific good can be applied for.
For further clarification, please contact one of our Customs Consultants.