Geofencing in Warehousing

Geofencing & Its Advantages in Supply Chain

If you take the etymology of the word Geofencing, the prefix “geo-” is a Greek word meaning “earth or land” and fencing in our context means “drawing an imaginary border.” So, in simpler terms, you get to draw an imaginary perimeter which will notify you whenever an object enters the boundaries. Geofencing requires location-based application […]

How to Find an Efficient Warehouse

The logistics industry of today demands productivity and efficiency. This is amply evident when it comes to warehousing in logistics. An efficient warehouse is capable of reducing the costs, which is certainly a major benefit for any company. To find an efficient warehouse 3PL, there are a few things you can keep in mind. Some […]

The Increasing Importance of Warehousing In Logistics

At present, warehouses are no longer used just for the purpose of storage. In this conscious, efficient, and cost-driven environment, most of the manufacturers are actually reevaluating the definition of a warehouse. If something doesn’t lend itself to highly mechanized, low-labor, or high-speed environment, it is sent to the warehouse. The goal of this evolution […]

Value Added Services That A 3PL Provider Can Offer

Nowadays, the traditional services offered by 3PL companies in India are no longer enough. Here are some VAS when provided by 3PL provider then leads to increase in flexibility and service quality: Packaging: Includes packing the goods into cartons or containers according to specific requirements of clients. Assembly: It is done when some products are […]

How to Choose a 3PL Provider for Warehouse Management?

If a business owner chooses to outsource the inventory management services, the success of the project depends on the choosing the right partner. This is because the stakes of the warehouse management project are pretty high. Apart from the impact on the other functions like the markets and manufacturing, the 3PL services provide is in […]