Warehouse Automation

Warehouse Automation & its Advantages in Supply Chain

In Supply Chain, automation generally means “creating technology and its applicants to control and monitor the production & distribution of various goods and services.” In Warehouse management, automation is widely touted as one of the most effective ways used to reduce labor demand, enhance accuracy, efficiency, and speed.  With the increasing numbers of manufacturers/buyers trying […]

Geofencing in Warehousing & Supply Chain Management

Geofencing & Its Advantages in Supply Chain Management

If you take the etymology of the word Geofencing, the prefix “geo-” is a Greek word meaning “earth or land” and fencing in our context means “drawing an imaginary border.” So, in simpler terms, you get to draw an imaginary perimeter which will notify you whenever an object enters the boundaries. Geofencing requires a location-based […]

Digital Logistics Streamlining Process in Warehousing

Streamlining Warehousing Process in Digital Logistics Era

In today’s business scenario, Digital Logistics has become a reality and the necessity to incorporate a stringent system which adheres to a proactive order to dispatch TAT has risen. Process in Warehousing WMS Decoding TAT Our approach towards Efficient Digital Logistics in Warehousing: 20cube assures a 3PL experience to its customers leveraging people and technology […]

Finding Efficient Warehouse

How to Find an Efficient Warehouse ?

The logistics industry of today demands productivity and efficiency. This is amply evident when it comes to warehousing in logistics. An efficient warehouse is capable of reducing the costs, which is certainly a major benefit for any company. To find an efficient warehouse 3PL, there are a few things you can keep in mind. Some […]


Value Added Services That A 3PL Provider Can Offer

Nowadays, the traditional services offered by 3PL companies in India are no longer enough. Here are some VAS when provided by 3PL provider then leads to increase in flexibility and service quality: Packaging: Includes packing the goods into cartons or containers according to specific requirements of clients. Assembly: It is done when some products are […]

3PL Provider Warehouse Management

How to Choose a 3PL Provider for Warehouse Management?

If a business owner chooses to outsource the inventory management services, the success of the project depends on the choice of the right partner. This is because the stakes of the warehouse management project are pretty high. Apart from the impact on the other functions like the markets and manufacturing, the 3PL service provider is in […]

Warehousing in Logistics

The Role Played by Warehousing in Logistics

The warehouse is a key part of logistics management, the importance of which far transcends that of a mere storage unit. Warehouse management also holds importance in the panning out of the supply chain. Although warehouses are simply viewed by many as a simple facility where goods are store till they are ready to transport […]