Shipment tracking: Know the location of your consignment

  • February 22, 2021
  • Blog

With the global connection, international trade has developed immensely.  This new trend has provided a new way to hugely increase profits for both, the manufacturers and carriers on one hand, and on the other, the consumers can reap the benefit of access to a global marketplace. But, with such improvement also comes great responsibilities to shippers who have to keep track of the shipment and the delivery.

Importance of shipment tracking

Why is the tracking of shipments so important? The answer is simple. Tracking of shipment or consignment is all about knowing and locating where the shipment is at the given point in time, in real-time. This is done using the shipment numbers provided to the customers to easily track the shipment and make arrangements for its delivery. Online tracking of orders helps to reduce customer anxiety and buyer’s remorse.

Benefits of shipment tracking

Ensures accountability: Providing shipment numbers to the customer is very important as they can easily track their consignment. In case of any delay, the user will be informed as the system will calculate shipment storage time in transshipment ports and update the portal.
Builds confidence and trust: Previously, customers were a bit skeptical about the whole concept of shipping consignment across borders. But, now due to the automated tracking system, customers have gained the confidence to order anything from anywhere as now tracking has become easy, and reliable, armed with notifications and alerts mechanisms
 Detailed log reports of the shipmentNot only the customers, but even the logistics companies would prefer to see a detailed report of the shipment tracking to know the reasons for the delay. A thorough analysis of the report can help streamline the shipment process.
 Avoid calls to customer support: There are many such customers who are impatient and keep making frantic calls to know where their consignment is? By providing a tracking system one can reduce the unnecessary calls being made to customer care. Even a schedule update like alerts and notifications about the shipment to the customer via an email or SMS will be a good option.
 It’s obvious that international trade and shipments have highly evolved in the past few decades. This increase has led to healthy competition among the freight transporting companies as everyone needs a space to do business. A shipping and logistics company with new and innovative ideas can definitely make a difference and shipment tracking with notification and alerts mechanism are pretty much a necessity.