Project Cargo: A Special Type of Freight Shipment

Freight forwarders play a pivotal role in transporting of the consignment from one destination to another international destination. Whatever the consignment may be, if the project is taken, it has to be accomplished, irrespective of the size of the cargo.

What’s Project Cargo?

In this blog, we will discuss Project Cargo, which is a special type of freight shipment that suggests transporting high- volume and high-price freight. Sometimes, the project cargo is so complex that it requires change of infrastructure, handling equipment, time frames and combination of modes.

This special cargo can be national or international and that cargo generally comprises heavy equipment from mining, oil and gas, building industries. Such cargoes are high-value cargo and require extra attention and expertise to execute the project. It can be single cargo or multiple cargo and can even use multi-modal connectivity to reach the final point.

What’s the role of freight forwarders?

The freight forwarders play a mightier role, as they have to manage the whole show from booking to the final delivery. The freight forwarder should be experienced enough to handle the whole project seamlessly and for it he needs to have good connection with the vendors, suppliers, shippers and the others involved in the supply chain.

How to handle project cargo?

The accurate planning in advance

The right planning is crucial and the utmost important step for project cargo logistics. From discussion with the supplier about the consignment to adding manpower capacity and the right equipment for loading, every step is critical and needs to be taken care efficiently. Proper planning can significantly reduce cost and eliminate risks during the transportation process.

The strategic approach

Managing risk is what is on the mind of freight forwarders while arranging equipment for project cargo. Something might go wrong, particularly in such complex projects. An alternate plan should always be there if things go out of hand. A strategic approach should be considered to handle the project cargo.

The execution

If planning is done well with utmost care, then execution must also be carried on in an organized manner. All the customs , compliance and documentation work should be managed properly by assigning to the right people. With automation, the tracking can also be organized for complete transparency and clear communication, helps execute the project cargo perfectly.