Optimise your storage facility with Warehousing Management System

  • January 13, 2020
  • Blog

Warehousing and distribution play a pivotal role in logistics and is capable of delivering a higher return on investment. For most, it’s just a storage facility but it is actually a CPU or a nerve system of the supply chain management. A warehouse provides complete control over your inventory and ensures that customers receive their consignment on time and in pristine condition. 
How can a WMS contribute to improving performance:

Optimising space

Space optimisation and its usage is extremely important for any warehouse. The inventory has to be stacked in the best locations and positions so that it helps in the smooth flow of operations. The stocks that are fast-moving should be quickly accessible to the operator. With Warehousing Management System (WMS) in place, it automatically identifies & displays open space in the warehouse based on the specific information provided by the user.  

Smart digital portal

Adoption of a smart WMS will benefit the organisation in easy handling of warehouse activities from monitoring inward stock to order tracking and till the inventory is packed and pushed out of the warehouse. The WMS offers control and visibility to the customers and allows quick process by cutting down on redundant activities. 

Inventory tracking & audit

To get the best out of WMS, it is necessary that all the tools and equipment are in the right place and made use of. Technology-backed equipment like bar codes, scanners, hand-held devices, etc. offers ease of tracking which help in updating reports that can be retrieved and downloaded as and when required. These reports help management to understand the sales flow and behavior trends. The WMS implementation makes the complex process simpler and more effective.

Managing outbound and inbound freight

The routing guide starts the transportation. Having defined operating procedures for routing guide help a warehouse to streamline its process. The routing guide comprises a set of instructions & guidelines for suppliers, wholesalers and distributors to understand and follow to complete orders to a specific location or a warehouse. If the routing guides are in the digital form it becomes easy to implement it.

Training to warehouse staff

As warehouses are adopting WMS, it becomes a necessity to train the staffs who manage the operations. With proper training efforts, the staff will be able to handle the warehousing management system and provide weekly reports and analyses for a smooth flow of information across the supply chain.
20Cube’s Warehousing Management System is thus a significant tool that can help you improve the storage facility. It allows you to track and trace units till the last level of details for enhanced order fulfillment. With WMS, inventory management becomes easier, faster, and more efficient.