Logistics Blackbox: How Visibility is Crucial for Customer Experience

  • August 14, 2019
  • Blog

Technology is moving ahead with rapid advancement in global business and trade. Freight forwarding is a multifaceted industry and involves many stakeholders to move a single shipment order. It involves myriad and largely detached logistics vendors. Ironically, even today some organisation are still implementing the cumbersome conventional methods of email, phone and fax.
The complexity doesn’t end here, there are plentiful documents and Customs clearance rules that differ in each country. With the old traditional system in place, the shipper gets information on two data points: the origin from where the shipment leaves and the destination where it is delivered. No other information is available because of limited visibility. In addition, the transit time is also not predictable and the cost also goes beyond control. This whole operation is similar to a black box experience wherein the stakeholder will have no information or visibility of what is going on inside. For example, the Shipper will get information at the origin and at the destination, but what if something goes wrong between milestones. No answer. This is where technology plays a vital role to bring in complete visibility and control to a shipment through a technology-driven tool.

How tech-enabled software is paving way for logistics?

Using tech-enabled software, forwarders can track any shipment moving across the world in real-time. One can follow the shipments, keeping a tab on every movement from purchase order to final delivery. The advent of IoT gives the shipper the ability to place sensor devices within shipments to achieve a never-seen level of visibility. This unique offering simplifies the experience for customers giving them deep, real-time visibility and control.

What’s 20Cube’s role?

Expertise equipped with technology
20Cube logistics is bringing in all stakeholders (buyers, suppliers, Customs experts, trucking companies, airlines, shipping carriers) to a single platform through its collaborative cloud-based integrated portal, “MyHub”.

Robust infrastructure

Apart from freight forwarding, state-of-the-art warehouses are also available to store the consignment and disseminate it based on customer’s requirements. Here also WMS – Warehousing Management System allows smooth management and distribution of inventory.

Save on cost

Adoption of tech-based software allows the customers to realize direct cost savings, timely delivery of shipments, achieve operational efficiency, real-time tracking and much more.

Change is the need of the hour

The days of black box shipping have come to an end. Customers are demanding quick service which is only possible through technology. Businesses can’t manage the new supply chain demand using spreadsheets and making phone calls as every customer’s requirement is different. It’s time to upgrade and adopt a diverse methodology for doing business and trade.