India, and 17 others create a roadmap for long-term resilient supply chains

  • August 2, 2022
  • News

Around 18 economies including India, the US and the EU (European Unions) have come together to unveil a four-point roadmap to build collective, and long-term resilient supply chains, including steps to manage risks arising from supply dependencies and vulnerabilities,

The four points on which the roadmap is based are Security, Sustainability, transparency and diversification. The economies have come together to address this mutual concern and work around it to eradicate corruption in support of supply chain security. This partnership also involves cooperation with industry, civil society, labour and other relevant stakeholders to manage the risk to the supply chain.

Besides India, the other strategic partners are the US, EU, Australia, Congo, Brazil, France, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, Italy, Singapore, UK, Mexico and Spain.