Freight Forwarders: The Important Link of a Supply Chain Logistics

  • February 19, 2021
  • Blog

Supply chain logistics is writing a new story, as companies have started taking a holistic approach by introducing new features to their process by understanding and taking the requirements of their customers. With new ideas clearly defined, planned, and meticulously taken, the entire supply chain is pushing away the risk of delays and unnecessary expenses.
Today, the freight forwarders are not just about pushing your consignment from one international destination to another, but it is how they fill the transportation gap by adding specialized expertise along with adding transparency and complete control. The freight forwarders today have the skills to manage any sort of emergency and take the profession to the next level.

Freight forwarders hold the right certifications

Freight forwarders need to be registered with the International Air transport Association and Air Cargo Agent Association of India to showcase that they are legit as a global trade facilitator. Also, the operation process has to be certified by ISO9001 which shows commitment to continuous process improvement.
Besides that, a professional freight forwarding company should also have the certifications to manage the complexity of the trade as the logistics communications are quite complicated.

They implement the right technology

Tracking and providing complete transparency is the best way to serve customers, suppliers, and partners. Not only that, providing access to real-time data about shipments, and schedule delays will help make logical plans for the customers. Many freight forwarders today have implemented automation and AI to track various factors like disruptions due to inclement weather, which was not possible before without the agents who can now spend time on more productive issues.

They have global operations

A freight forwarder is a valuable link to connect the global supply chain. With agents and vendor networks across the border and in different locations, they have the ability to transport the shipment anywhere. With that, a freight forwarding company also takes into account the customs regulations they have to adhere to in different geographies and also insurance requirements.  In case of any issues or delays, the forwarding company can contact and communicate with their global agents to make the operation work smoothly.

They provide top-notch customer service

With automation and AI deployment, and having the best networks throughout the world, the supply chain logistics company can meet the customers’ demand and can easily manage the show. Whenever a customer is facing issues with a shipment, the freight forwarder comes forward to provide a personalized service using his contacts so that the shipment can be reached the destination as soon as possible.

They simplify the complexity of logistics

The freight forwarders are there to solve your complexities while transferring shipments to international destinations. They have resources and an understanding of how to perform the whole operation. They have the right people for the job who are aware of the international regulations and the customs laws of each country and can smooth sail your shipment to another corner of the world. With excellent networks across the world, a freight forwarder can arrange and manage the whole affair with the best planning and no hitch.


Freight forwarders are the soul of the supply chain logistics, with them in the picture your shipment can never go wrong and move to the destination right on time. They are there to solve the complexities of the logistics supply chain. To make logistics easier, employ the services of a freight forwarder like 20Cube who can easily understand your requirements due to their vast years’ experience and get your shipment past the border hassle-free and on time.