Factors to Consider While Choosing Warehouse Location

  • January 18, 2018
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Choosing a warehouse location might be a confusing and overwhelming experience. Your organization might have some specific requirements and it might not be easy to get past the complex lingo and sales pitch to decide which location will actually prove to be useful for your business but today warehouses in India are self-sufficient wherever the location may be.

Here are some factors that you need to consider before choosing the location of a warehouse.

Flow and Layout of the Building

The layer of a warehouse is discerned by the kind of operations that are going to be conducted inside. You need to keep in mind that older buildings are unable to carry out modern material flow. Column spacing and the height of the ceiling can limit the kind of equipment which can be accommodated in the given space. This might hamper the flow of raw materials and finished products. Thus, prior to deciding on the particular building as the warehouse, it is important to find out if the layout will fit in the given space.

Accessibility of Skilled Workers

If you purchase a building in the remote area might prove to be pocket-friendly. However, you have difficulty in finding out the skilled workforce in that particular area. If you move either a trainable or trained workforce to some other location, it will be a pricey affair. Thus, you choose the location where there will be a proper supply of labor so that operations function properly. A location that has links to high-density residential spaces will minute worker transience is the perfect location for your warehouse. If you have a storage warehouse in an area where there is a seasonal supply of workforce, you have to make sure that it doesn’t hamper the requirements of your organization.

Intensity and Zoning of Use

You need to consider the intensity of your operations and how it is going to be in the future. If the operations of your organization demand a lighter assembly, you can opt for less intensive usage. Nonetheless, it is important to consider other factors, too, such as noise levels, emissions, and accessibility of outdoor storage. These requirements influence the districts which you will be able to target in the future.

Closeness to Major Links

Take into account the predominant means of transport that is used by your organization. Consider if you prefer rail, air, or water transportation. Whatever might be your need, the location has to be easily accessible to such modes of transport. Apart from this, the proximity to the customers also needs to be considered. You need to keep in mind that about 20% of the overall cost comes from transporting goods.  

Material Handling Capabilities

Another factor that is important to take into consideration while choosing the location of the warehouse storage is the accessibility of the equipment. It is quite certain that a highly intense distribution will need cross-docks. Also, make sure if there is enough storage facility.

20Cube has warehouses at different strategic locations in India and chooses warehouse location carefully.
Choosing the location requires some careful consideration. Thus, it is important to scrutinize all your requirements.