Dynamic Route planning

  • April 6, 2021
  • Blog

Many of you would be familiar with the advantages of route planning in the logistics industry. Route planning helps in smooth, safe and on-time delivery of consignment leading to a reduction in transportation cost and delivery time and also optimizing the number of vehicles used for the delivery.

What is dynamic route optimization?

If you think route optimizing will find you the shortest route then you are wrong, because route mapping is the process to search for the most effective route to ensure vehicles are delivering orders on time at a lower shipping cost. It is also needed when a customer cancels an order even though the vehicle is already out for delivery.

The benefits of dynamic route planning

Dynamic route planning helps in reducing fuel costs as the driver need not go to the delivery point wherein the customer has cancelled the order. If an order is cancelled ever after the vehicle is out for delivery, the dynamic route planner will redirect the vehicle to a new route without avoiding the cancelled order.

Reduction in driving time
: Route planning can reduce the driving time by showing the most effective route from the warehouse to the final delivery point. The driver does not have to find the route as the route planning tool itself will change the route in case of any diversion and this will also reduce the rate of return to the origin.

Enhance route efficacy
: With the traditional or the conventional method of route planning, a 3PL can deliver on time, but if the customer cancels it or reschedules it then you might not be able to figure out the next route plan. With improved dynamic route planning the whole process of finding a new route becomes easier and more efficient for further deliveries, in case of any issues. With dynamic route planning, more delivery each day is ensured.

Avoiding idling of engines
: With dynamic route planning, new routes are kept on generating to make the next deliveries hence the engines are never kept idle. Even if there is an accident or a sudden roadblock, it tries to find a new best route to avoid wastage of time.

20Cube logistics TMS (Transport Management System) is part of its collaborative platform, the MyhubPlus warehousing module offering the feature of Dynamic route planning that offers an effective route for hassle-free delivery. Not only that, it provides end-to-end visibility and the best last-mile delivery solution.