Coronavirus Pandemic: How 20Cube is making things easier for customers

Coronavirus outbreak has gripped the world and it’s set to impact the logistics supply chain in a big way.  Even though the world has come to a standstill but at 20Cube Logistics, we are in business through our virtual offices and ensuring that our customers’ freight operations are not being impacted. We are in regular touch with our shipping lines, Govt. agencies, agents, and terminals to keep our customers updated on the latest information and freight operation details.
We, through our location offices in Australia, Sri Lanka, East Africa, China, and Dubai including India are sending regular updates that will help our customers globally, make arrangements for their consignments to be delivered to the final destination.
In times of crisis, we believe that providing the customer with information and communication is vital. Most of our staff in the back office are tirelessly working to ensure the work is carried out efficiently without any logjam. Because of them, there is no effect on our day-to-day operations and its functioning as normal.

We salute our heroes to outshine us during this global crisis.

Our sales force understands the customers’ requirements and is suggesting the best way possible to support to deliver their cargos on time with the available freight options.
We have also a provision in our smart portal MyHubPlus where the customer can view the complete voyage details from the origin to the destination and get more insight about their cargo. With the updation of each milestone, it becomes easy for the customer to take control of the final logistics and make suitable business decisions.
20Cube is also supporting in providing the essential commodities through its warehousing staff who are working tirelessly to ensure delivery on dot at this crucial time.

Caring for the employees

As a responsible company, we are taking care of the staff who are working during these turbulent times at the ground level. All the health safety measures prescribed by the WHO is being implemented for the staff’s benefit.
In the end, it is the ‘US’ who needs to stay together during this time of uncertainty to ensure moving ahead, we are equipped for the worst and the best as we are responsible for every decision and action we take.