Common Types of Shipping Containers to Choose From

  • July 20, 2017
  • Blog

The wider view of logistics is all about getting an item from one physical location to another. However, in order for an article to complete the journey between its origin and final destination, it has to be packed properly and shipped in containers, especially made to serve the purpose. Freight Shipping containers are one of the most important parts of the shipping industry. These protect the items being shipped over long distances and make sure that they are kept safe during the journey.

The type of container that will be used depends on the item that is to be shipped and the logistics budget. These come in a number of sizes, dimensions, structures, and the material they are made from also differs. Different types of containers meet separate requirements. Therefore, they must be chosen carefully. Given below are some of the most common shipping containers that are used for shipping. There are many factors that have to be kept in mind while choosing them:

Flat Rack Containers

These are one of the most common types of containers used for transporting international freight. The sides of these containers are collapsible and can be folded while loading it up with different goods. These are simple storage containers which can be used for most shipments.

Tunnel Containers

As the name suggests, these containers open at two sides to form a kind of tunnel structure with the floor, roof and the remaining two sides. Tunnel containers are especially useful when goods have to be loaded and unloaded easily.

Open-Top Containers

Again, as can be guessed from the name itself, the roof of these containers can be opened while loading and unloading the shipment. It is generally used to ship heavy goods that can be lowered into it only through the use of    a pulley or items of height.

Insulated Containers

These types of containers are equipped with temperature control that maintains a higher temperature inside unit. It is used to ship special items that require a regulated temperature during shipping. The temperature of the unit is regulated to be just right depending on the goods being shipped.

Refrigerated Containers

These are generally used to ship edibles, especially seafood that can go bad in warmer temperatures. Hence, the temperature is regulated to stay low at all times. These can also be used to transport goods that are sensitive to changes in temperature.

Special Purpose Containers

These container units are specifically made for the transportation of some special kinds of materials. They are generally for high profile shipments that require special care while shipping. For example, they can be used for shipping weapons and ammunition, construction equipment, arson etc. Due to the sensitive nature of the goods they ship, these are made from special materials, keeping the specific purpose in mind.

As you can see, there are several different types of containers which must be chosen according to the goods that are to be transported. Depending on the quality and a number of other factors, the international container shipping rates may vary greatly. Make sure that the unit you choose is ideal for the items to be transported.