Technology in Supply Chain & Logistics

How Technology Will Change the Consumer Electronics Supply Chains Of the Future ?

In recent times, a number of shifting trends have been seen in the world of consumer electronics. With advancements in technology, the manufacturing world of the future is expected to be highly efficient. Although this is being looked forward to as a positive change, there is one major concern. That is, the current state of […]

Logistics Self Driving Truck

How Will Self Driving Trucks Affect the Logistics Industry?

In recent years, there have been a lot of discussions about the introduction of automated vehicles trucks in shipping and how it will affect logistics and the warehouse industry. The expected affects have been carefully analyzed by several organizations and experts. As this technology is still a thing of the future, it is only possible […]

Supply Chain Technology

Technologies That Can Improve Supply Chain Functioning

The e-commerce environment has been changing rapidly and the supply chain will have to embrace new technologies in order to meet the fluctuating requirements. Given below are some important technological advancements, some that are already in use while some are still in the planning stages. Regardless of other factors, these are expected to cause improvements […]