Update: Australian Trusted Trader Programme

T​he Australian T​rusted Trader​ Programme (ATTP)​ seeks to provide trade facilitation benefits to importers and exporters that demonstrate strong security practices and a history of​ ​compliance. As previously advised, the ​ATTP is currently undergoing its pilot phase,and​ ​consists of three phases. Stage 1 had four initial Australian exporters participate and stage 2 targeted a further 20 Australian importers […]

Merger Update: CSCL / COSCO

CSCL and COSCO have merged, following the integration and restructure of China COSCO, COSCO Pacific, China Shipping Container LINES (CSCL) and China Shipping Development. It’s a merger that will create an organisation that will be one of the world’s four largest container shipping lines. The new entity will have a fleet of 288 container ships, of which 84 […]

Enhanced Project Bylaw Scheme (EPBS) closure

A recent major announcement from the Australian Government is that the Enhanced Project Bylaw Scheme (EPBS) will be closed. The EPBS provides duty free entry for goods associated with certain large capital projects. For very large projects the scheme was often more efficient than using tariff concession orders.  It was no doubt more popular in an environment […]

Container Weight: Who is responsible for VGM?

In January of 2015, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) amended the Safety of Life at Sea Convention (SOLAS) to require – as a condition for loading a packed container on to a ship for export, that the container has a verified gross mass (VGM). 20Cube provided an update to our clients earlier this month on the […]

Tariff Concession Orders

The Australian Border Force (Customs) acknowledge that the interpretation of Duty Free Tariff Concession Orders (TCO) is an area of concern for importers and brokers. 20Cube advise our clients that care needs to be taken when claiming TCOs. In particular: Does the NEW / UPDATED model still fit the TCO? Particular goods may been eligible to claim […]

Trade Credit Insurance

n the current economic climate all businesses large and small face the challenge of managing cash flow and the risks associated with bad debts. No matter how well managed and how successful a business may be, cash flow and profitability can be significantly impacted should a major customer or a number of key customers fail […]

Know Your International Commerce Terms

20Cube has worked with Spanish video designer, Valeria Castano, to develop a quick visual illustration of the International Commerce Terms (IncoTerms). Led by Project specialist, Alberto Coll, the idea was to make Incoterms easy to understand. “There are many ways to explain Incoterms and I have seen many videos on the subject, but we wanted […]

Australia continues with Free Trade Negotiations

2016 looms as another significant year for those in the Australian part of the international supply chain. Industry is still monitoring ChAFTA with more clarity on the approach by the DIBP to implementation of the ChAFTA, given that there have been some recognised “teething problems”. We now wait to see which of the proposed FTA will be […]

Illegal Logged Products | Due Diligence and Importer Responsibilities

Further to our previous announcements, the Illegal Logging Prohibition Amendment Regulation 2013 is law and its requirements c​a​me into effect on 30th November 2014. From this date, importers of certain timber or timber products (as defined in the Regulation) ​need​ to assess and manage the risk that the timber has been illegally logged. Importer obligations to carry […]