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  • November 15, 2021
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Saving Money With Managed Services for Logistics

Outsourcing logistics saves your company valuable time and money in more ways than you think. For one, using a company that specialises in logistics means you can leverage its network of warehouses and transportation modes to scale your distribution globally. Furthermore, you don’t have to hire employees to support your logistics operations. However, both of these benefits are direct results of outsourcing logistics. What if we dove deeper?

20Cube goes the extra mile for our clients using managed services for logistics in Melbourne, Malaysia, China, Germany, and Italy. Not only do we offer all of the above benefits of outsourcing logistics management, but we also provide deeper insights into your supply chain that save you time and money indirectly too.
20Cube specialises in digital logistics and freight forwarding through our platform called MyHub. MyHub enables you to track 24 different milestones throughout your supply chain processes. Let’s take a look at a few of these key milestones and how they can help your company create more efficient processes.

Supply Chain Forecasting

After you place an order with a vendor, you use the estimated delivery dates to forecast your next order, logistics, and distribution. MyHub automatically adjusts your forecast if there are any changes at any point with your inventory, production, or shipping. For example, if a vendor can’t fulfill the entire order, they update the inventory quantity in MyHub and it auto-adjusts when you should place your next order to maintain a steady supply.

Supply chain forecasting ensures you always have an inventory of the products you need, speeding up your production and distribution as a result. Demand forecasting analyses customer data to help you understand behaviour and interest in particular SKUs. Finally, price forecasting considers supply, demand, and natural and market conditions that determine the cost of goods now and in the future.

Managing Exceptions

Compliance management plays an important role in evaluating long-term relationships with your vendors. When a customer shares their purchase order data, 20Cube tracks and manages the entire following supply chain interactions. We can measure the cargo readiness and validate why cargo is booked against defined business rules, communicating any exceptions to the customer at the destination. Over time, you can analyse reports on these exceptions, thus being able to identify and reduce indirect costs in the supply chain.

Route Optimisation

20Cube has an extensive network of freight forwarding partners across the globe. We use technology to consolidate all of our LCL shipments into the most efficient groupings and trade lanes. That means your shipment travels on optimal routes only, so you’re not paying for space or travel that isn’t essential.

Advantages of Digital Freight Forwarders

20Cube’s technology makes your logistics more efficient and your company more informed. In the short term, you benefit from faster distribution and better prices in the best trade lanes. Plus, having long-term data about all of your shipments and vendors will help you make better decisions for your budget and your end-user experience.
To explore how MyHub and supply chain automation can benefit your company, reach out to 20Cube for a consultation.