Streamlining Process in Warehousing in Digital Logistics Era

In today’s business scenario, Digital Logistics has become a reality and the necessity to incorporate a stringent system which adheres to a proactive order to dispatch TAT has risen.


Digital Logistics Streamline Process in Warehousing
Process in Warehousing

WMS Decoding TAT

Our approach towards Efficient Digital Logistics in Warehousing:

  • 20cube assures a 3PL experience to its customers leveraging people and technology together
  • Implemented critical actions which are included from the time of sales order generation to dispatch
  • Inbuilt WMS which tracks every advancement in the sales cycle with highest precision. It breaks down complex processes coupled with a definite TAT
  • WMS triggers out an alert (when any particular action does not adhere to the specified TAT) which is broadcasted to the customer
  • Above cycle begins right from the order generation till the cargo is delivered for shipment

Above systematic approach streamlines the overall process and eases coordination. It also helps in slashing down errors and unwanted delays. It leads to increase in efficiency in our digital logistic approach.

We own a future ready alignment to serve our customers inclined to their preferences, business demands and service requirements.

Rest assured while we take charge of your end-to-end supply chain requirements with utmost transparency and improved customer satisfaction!

Be a part of Digital Logistics World!

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