Safety Tips to Implement During Chemical Logistics

The logistics of chemicals is complex as special transportation and handling techniques are necessary to keep the chemicals safe during their journey through the supply chain. The safety of the personnel involved is a priority as well. There are several government agencies in various countries that oversee transportation of chemicals.

Here are a few tips to help you ensure safety during the transportation of your chemicals.

Determine Which Materials Are Hazardous

You need to examine the hazardous material lists published by various governmental agencies. If shipping internationally, you must check with all the countries through which your chemical freight will pass through. Once you know which materials are hazardous, you can start taking the proper steps to ensure that your freight will be in compliance with the regulations.

Ensure the Correct Labels

You should ensure that all of your chemicals have the correct labels, as per the guidelines stated by the regulatory bodies. If you have 3PL partners, they should be checking the labels in your behalf. Violating labelling norms can result in heavy fines. Labelling is essential not only for liability control but also for the sake of safety.

Ensure the Right Packaging

Packaging is vital as it can minimize the risk of damages caused by the chemicals. In some cases, even minute amounts of the chemical can result in severe injuries or even in fatalities.

Invest in Training

Check with your 3PL partner to ensure that all of their employees have been trained in handling your chemicals in the right manner. This is particularly important for those who are transporting the chemicals. They should know the right first aid techniques to overcome the issues that can be caused by your chemicals.

A specialist in 3PL warehousing and distribution of chemicals will certainly know these safety tips.  Nonetheless, it helps to be proactive and work with the logistics provider to ensure the safe transportation of your chemicals.

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