Early Visibility of possible delays reduces Ad-Hoc Air Freight

Often the late intimation of the accrued delay results in last minute ad-hoc air freight. This can systematically avoided through 20Cube's process driven PO and Shipment execution, with advance visibility of delays.

20Cube POMS provides cargo readiness status along with vessel plan around 15 to 20 days ahead of the FOB dates. Delay in readiness are alerted through exceptions. This can help in alternate sourcing or less-damaging business plan changes. Further an array of Exceptions indicate delays at the Booking, Shipment and Container stage, instead of intimation of accrued delays around departure.

While the early intimation of the delays allows the breathing time to accommodate the delay or to make necessary alternative plan, a systematic process driven

Reducing FCA to FOB Lead time

With the process driven approach to execute operational steps of ocean and air forwarding, the Customer Service, Customer and our operations team work in tandem with each other.

Thus the typical communication gaps which stretches the FCA to FOB lead-time are significantly reduced and in some cases eliminated. Resulting in almost 30% reduction in standard FCA to FOB lead-time. The reduced lead-time - gives a saving to the overall lead-time of the sea freight shipments and parts of this can be prevented to get air-freighted.

Getting Booking Approval on Time

Timely approval of sea freight bookings prevent them to get delayed. In a manual - email driven environment - the approvals are often missed as keeping track of them gets really difficult.

Welcome to MyHub's Online Booking Approval module. Now you can approve bookings coming from different origins, on time and keep track of them.

The timely approval of bookings ensures they are shipped on-time. Thus this non-accrual of delay prevents the frequent ad-hoc air freights.

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